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Here's an array of our boards - enjoy!

Mister Surly's beauties - fresh from the Home of Krispey Kremes!

Look at THIS beauty!!!! This is on display in Fatty's living room, like the fine piece of art it is! Handpainted by the enchanting Lisa Farrows from Ontario, Canada. Go check out her other stuff on the Ontario Longboarding website - on our "Links" page.

Closeup of the incredible detail work. This is hand painted, folks - no silk screen nonsense! This chickadee has SKILLS!!!!!

And here's another beauty, courtesy of Lovely Lisa!

This lil gal is a force to be reckoned with!

and.....she rips ON the board too!!

photo by Julie Boulanger

And here's a happy race prize winner - Norski, with a 36" Grocery Getter

Here's another happy Fatboy winner - Dr Dan. Y'know we sponsor an AWFUL lot of races! Hope you guys enjoy your prizes.

Another happy prize winner! Farm '08